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Fiction novels


TOBRUK 1940 (2004)


I Serpenti di Melqart (2003)



"Mare rosso", the last of three novels (other titles: Alta Profondita and Deep in Hatutu) that recount the aventures of marine archeologists Marco Arnei and Sarah Morasky



The deep sea search and recovery team is engaged in a mission more hazardous than anything attempted to date.
Marco Arnei, Sarah Morasky and Junio Valerio Manunzi, known as Juv, head for the geographical center of the Pacific Ocean aboard the "Jack London", a vintage, three-masted clipper fitted out with the best in high-tech marine technology.

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano.



"In this book I have used my knowledge of the sea to explore unknown reaches deep below the surface in order to tell the story of a terrifying secret concealed in the wreck of the most powerful battleship ever seen in Mediterranean waters" .
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano.



Two rich, young, self-possessed singles, Tom's Italian, Jo's American, meet on vacation in Greece. Caught in a sudden, violent storm while sailing a catamaran they are washed ashore on an apparently deserted island. At the height of Summer in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea rescue promises to be only a matter of time, but that is not to be the case. Days pass.
As intense solitude sets in, the castaways lose contact with every day reality. .

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano. Pag. 300.
Re-published in to "Best Sellers Book" by Mondadori 1999.

  Cielo Verde


Mike the Angel takes to the sky like a duck to water. A World War One fighter ace, acclaimed as a hero in his hometown in Texas, Mike's thirst for adventure cannot be slaked by the rural life. Exploitation of the Amazon rain forest is in its pioneering years, aviation skills are in demand. Mike becomes the first of a select group of jungle pilots, ferrying prospectors, missionaries and profiteers to every corner of the vast green carpet. A mysterious Scotsman's stories of a river flowing over a bed of gold nuggets in the inaccessible Tepuy Mountains fuels Mike's dreams of instant riches.
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano. Pag. 615.
Re-published in to "Best Sellers Book" by Mondadori - September 1998.



Un romanzo di coraggio e follia, di paura e attrazione per l'ignoto.
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano. Pag. 342.
Premio "Fregene" per la letteratura 1984.
Riedito da "Club degli Editori" 1986.
Riedito da Mondadori nel 1992.
Edizione USA a cura della Warner Comunication con il titolo "Danger Adrift" (1988).